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by vmx
Tue Oct 21, 2003 4:29 pm
Forum: Python
Topic: RenderMan & mental ray export
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Hi Jan! I've written some kind of shaderloader a long time ago (it parses the output of slctell (or any other programm of that kind) and creats a gui out of it). perhaps it could be implemented. Another thing is, that Goran Kocov goes on with developing Greens Blenderman. Perhaps it is a good thing ...
by vmx
Wed Nov 06, 2002 10:31 pm
Forum: Interface & Tools
Topic: Moving Gamemode Properties and other stuff
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That's a real great idea :)
by vmx
Mon Oct 14, 2002 3:05 pm
Forum: Foundation and Websites
Topic: A real Forum please :)
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A real Forum please :)


Please give a real threaded forum (like Phorum was at and not a board like this :) (Perhaps then you can read the disussions even with Mozilla ;)

Volker Mische.