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by reed
Sun Dec 05, 2004 8:35 pm
Forum: Python
Topic: ASE export script
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Here's a C library if it's useful to anyone:
by reed
Tue Aug 31, 2004 1:56 pm
Forum: Foundation and Websites
Topic: RSS feed for
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I'd find an RSS feed convenient. I believe the site runs using 'PostNuke', so you could look into adding general RSS support to that (or maybe it already supports RSS in some version). The 'projects' section runs on 'GForge', it would be cool to have feeds of project news/releases.

by reed
Thu Jul 29, 2004 3:10 am
Forum: Documentation & Education
Topic: Importing
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There are several scripts which can import most .3DS (not .max) files. Search through the "Python" forum at . I am currently using the one from ; there are others too. More about Python is at It's a good lang...
by reed
Thu Jul 22, 2004 3:46 pm
Forum: Documentation & Education
Topic: Quick question
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It depends on how high a quality you are aiming for. Usually it's not a problem to have intersecting meshes, so long as the faces aren't too close to each other and meet at sufficiently oblique angles to avoid the wrong face getting rendered (or, if it's being rendered in real-time, a game for insta...
by reed
Thu Jul 22, 2004 3:39 pm
Forum: Interface & Tools
Topic: A big wishlist from elysiun
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A big wishlist from elysiun

Hello, I just wanted to post a link to many interface/modelling ideas being discussed at Elysiun. (Originated by endi).
by reed
Tue Jul 20, 2004 4:15 pm
Forum: Interactive 3d
Topic: VOS 0.20.0 Released!
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VOS 0.20.0 Released!

Version 0.20.0 of the Virtual Object System (VOS), with related application libraries and tools, has been released. This version represents a major rewrite of the core system from the previous versions and has been a long time coming, and we hope you will find it interesting! See http://interreality...
by reed
Thu Jul 15, 2004 11:02 pm
Forum: News & Chat
Topic: .blend file mime type
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I don't know, but if it were my decision, I'd apply either "application/blender" or "model/blender", with "application/x-blender" or "model/x-blender" used until the official one was granted. It's easy to apply you just fill out a form-- but I'll leave that for Ton or another developer. The official...
by reed
Wed Jul 14, 2004 6:55 pm
Forum: Python
Topic: basic questions.
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On Mac, use the Console utility. (In /Applications/Utilities). No need to run blender from a terminal or anythnig like that.
by reed
Tue Jul 13, 2004 5:46 pm
Forum: Interface & Tools
Topic: Different Textures
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In Blender, an "object" links to a Materials. Each material links to one or more Texture. Each of these things has a name, and each of these things may be shared (e.g. two materials may each link to the same Texture). It is also possible for an object to link to more than one Material, this is done ...
by reed
Thu Jun 17, 2004 4:12 pm
Forum: Interface & Tools
Topic: New OBJ, Import/Export, UPDATE USE MATHUTILS
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Hi, can you post a link to download the script? (Maybe keep the most recent version in a stable location?) Cutting and pasting screws up all the tab indentation for me.