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by hello
Fri Oct 22, 2004 8:28 pm
Forum: Interface & Tools
Topic: Wireframe Mode and Halo Edges
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Wireframe Mode and Halo Edges

In the material settings, there is an option to make an object render as a wire frame. It seems, though, that it isn't possible to change the thickness of the wires. If there is a way to do this I would be interested in finding out. In either case, maybe the wireframe mode could be extended to have ...
by hello
Mon Oct 11, 2004 4:30 am
Forum: Interface & Tools
Topic: Deleting Data Blocks
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Deleting Data Blocks

I don't know if anyone else has had a similar problem, but I have blend files with tons of unused or unneeded data blocks that are just taking up file space and causing clutter. I was wondering if maybe someone could implement a function, maybe in the OOPs window, that would allow one to delete data...
by hello
Thu Jul 08, 2004 6:44 pm
Forum: Animation
Topic: Simple fix for RVKs
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Simple fix for RVKs

I don't know how complicated it is, but it doesn't seem that hard to do.
Is it possible to add the ability to use more than 30 RVKs?
by hello
Thu Jul 08, 2004 6:38 pm
Forum: Animation
Topic: Is there any status of new or better IK bones ?
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I think this is what Money_YaY is talking about, but it seems like it would be more convenient if you could define an area (an elipsoid) around a particular bone, and instead of dealing with vertex groups, it would automatically deform vertices within the volume. This would also eliminate problems w...