Idea to optimize fluids / interesting for developers?

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Idea to optimize fluids / interesting for developers?

Post by Jens »

I did some experiments with the fluid-system this days.
Something with filling a bottle.
To minimize RAM-usage i changed the domain-size
ti fit the bottle-shape and this results in much less
RAM-size ( and faster bake )but seems to distort the
physical rules. So my idea is to have parameters for
x-,y- and z-direction for the resolution of the domain,
so i can optimize bake-times and fit the resolution to the
I can dokument results if you like, in general it was about
4 times faster and used 439 MB instead of 1.56 GB RAM.
The negative effecte showed up in a slow down of the falling
water, which was difficult to compensate.

Another thing could be to bake multithreaded if possible, for
i have 4 cores but only one is used when baking. I´ve heard
Ton is using MacOSX too, I would be glad to support development
with testing on my MacPro, but iám not an experienced developer.


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Post by n_t »

Hi, the resolution setting is only for the longest side of your domain - so making the domain as small as possible, like you did, is a good idea. The multi-threading is not so easy, but might be included in an upcoming release - it's also a compiler issue... Regards, -> Nils

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