Big Trouble keys not supported!!!

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Big Trouble keys not supported!!!

Post by Lord.M »

:twisted: No way to put the '>' or '<' char on a string never if I need to made the conditional game features on every publisher! I tried 2.25 and 2.24 putted in the Blender gameKit maual!!! It doesn't work any idea to put that in???

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Post by joeri »

I have no problems putting the < & > characters in a string.
Do you mean that the texture font you use to display the string does not have a < and > sign? If this is the case, use another font.
On the gamekit cd are multiple other pixel fonts in the /tutorials/assets/pixelfonts/ directory.

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Post by Goofster »


on a TOTALLY unrelated note. Joeri, just visited your site. CONGRATULATIONS!
solid modelling, nice texturing :)


excuse my rudeness for interupting this thread :)


I heard some people saying that they couldn't insert specific characters in the text editor either. do you happen to have a strange (aka, on-english) keyboard?


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Post by stean »

you can import any text with alt-V from /tmp/.cutpuffer


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