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TV/video work galleries?

Post by grundie »

Hello all,

I'm a SysAdmin for a small mutimedia/web/video production house. Currently most of our 3D work is carried out using 3DS max and an ageing Quantel Paintbox. I am trying to push the Linux/Blender option to replace what we have, it would be cheaper, have the same features and dongles and key disks would be a thing of the past!

In order to help my argument I have been trying to find showcases of Blenders work in the TV/video field. I am trying to find something specific. The sort of work we do is geared towards TV station idents, program titles sequences and work for corporate videos and films. Generally much of the work is quite mundane and straightforward, simple 3D models mixed with video in some way or another. We would do very little photo-realistic work, such as the fantastic images I've seen in the many Blender galleries.

I'm not a 3D artist, I just dabble with Blender as I don't have the artistic ability to do something nice. I'm the one who has to order the software for the company I work for and I think it would make perfect sense to switch to Blender for various reasons. Plus the budget savings would get management off my back. Most of the artistic people in the firm are only interested in products and software which have an expensive price tag and a fancy brand name. I know better so I'm trying to build up enough evidence to prove that Blender is an ideal upgrade to what we have.

So does anyone know of such a gallery featuring work geared towards TV and video applications? Most of the galleries I've sen are geared towards showing Blenders abilities at the extremes such as ultra detailed models and photo-realistic images, I can't find galleries geared towards the simpler, more mundane forms of 3D work. I'd be well happy if such a thing exists as it would help my argument no end.

Thanks in advance,
Robert Brown

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Post by Pablosbrain »

Theres no need to replace 3DSMax with blender... put it right along side blender... blenders free and Max is a great program. I personally still like Max over Maya and Lightwave and even Blender... but blender is growing... definitely will be a major competitor as it does too... But any single program is not really better than any other... its the preference of the user really... If they are used to Max... Its gonna take some time to convert them to blender... I know it did when I started.

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Post by thorax »

How Blender would be better than 3DsMax is in the speed of
rendering and the speed to produce flying-logos, which what I'm
assuming you are saying.. I think what he is saying (the first guy)
is that the maintenance of this software is costing them a lot and replacing 3DsMax with blender, and Windows with Linux,
will provide them with a complete solution that will not need to
be upgraded and such, like shelf-software is prone to (each company
has the feduciary responibility to its investors, so it will try to make a buck even on the software you already own by enticing you with features you don't need). 3DsMax is great if you plan to use all the gizmos,
but rarely do the owners of such programs know how to exploit
a highend package to make it worth what it costs.. Blender
adds tremendous value to the existing setup without incurring a cost (other than learning the software). But once you know it,
you feel like all 3D apps should be this easy and straightforward.

Blender like a highend program, requires training, without it,
you will find those who really think greatly of the features of the highend package are really only exploiting a few features that allow them to
do something "gee wiz" but not requiring an understanding.

Blender exposes what the other programs will not, to the users,
and knowing blender makes it easier for one to judge the other
programs. If you can't do great 3D graphics with blender, you can forget about using the highend programs.

Also some people make the wrong assumption that if it costs a lot its
better.. That's complete BS.. Usually that's part of the marketing,
I think there is some psychology behind buying software where the
cost of an application is purportional to its overall value to the world.
If you look behind the facade you will notice that the companies
depend largely on this assumption to sell software. Alias for instance
tells the studios "you want Alias because the schools are using it"
then they go to the schools and say "you want alias becuase th studios
are using it".. I would challenge those who use these packages to compare the packages to each other and the overall value of the features to their work.. I bet Blender convers them almost 100% whereas the
other packages might do well to get 33%..

What you want is 3DsMax and Maya, what you need is Blender. Plain
and simple..

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Post by matt_e »

I know dickie used to do work for TV promos in the USA using Blender, though I can't find his website off-hand.

On a slight tangent, I work part time at a TV channel doing web design work, and I've recently introduced Blender to one of our on-air promotions producers, who seems to be quite fascinated by it. The producers currently use 3D every now and then in their promos, but the 3D is sub-contracted out to another place, which uses 3DS MAX. Once our producer gets a bit better at using Blender, I don't doubt that he'll start using it for on-air work, since it's a lot cheaper than getting someone from outside to do the work, and he can have ultimate artistic control over the process too.

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Post by endi »

As I know, the best Blender animation is:

But his webpage not working now... only I can see some pictures, not the movies. :(

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Post by grundie »

Thanks all for the replies,

I should have said this in my first post. Basically we have 4 PCs with 3DS Max v3 on them and a Quantel Paintbox (rarely used its so ancient) dating from 1992. All this is in need of replacement, the artists want 3DS Max v5 or something of similar industrial strength such as Maya or Lightwave. The thing is they strictly adhere to the 90%/10% rule, in that they only use 10% of 3DS Max's features 90% of the time. Having checked out the specs Blender would seem to be a perfect replacement.

I have a limited budget, what I am being asked to do is purchase a replacement 3D package with 5 licenses. I could buy 5 copies of 3DS Max or I could buy 5 nice workstations, get some proper network cable ducts and make a donation to Blender. BTW I have to scrub the Linux idea, we use Director and Authorware, so Windows it is. The company owner is going along with the artists and doesn't believe Blender could be for real, I am trying to convince him otherwise.

To give you an idea of what I am up against the most complex 3D thing the company has done recently is to produce a series of educational videos on electrical engineering, featuring many 3D reresntations of electrical systems. This sort of work is easy, no complex shapes, no photo realism, just functional images. Blender would suit the bill perfectly, but will they listen? Nope they want to have a fancy high priced package just for their egos! If I can convince the boss (who knows little about computers, he is an old school paper based designer) with sample material, I could get the OK for the Blender option, which would be nice.

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From the old NaN FTP

Post by Pablosbrain »

Here is a link to a video file on my site... it was originally from the site. I have a complete copy from 2002 of the ftp site with lots of old versions of blender and such... This file shows a lot of the capabilities of blender...
Browsable Folders:
Movie File: ... doneit.mpg
This video is several years old I believe.. it was even old when I got into blender... but it shows what can be done with some effort.. Myself... I still prefer Max over blender but I'm sure that will change soon... well.. Hopefully... my main issue is with the rendering... shadows of objects with opacity values... stuff like that... Anyways....

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Video Works

Post by vicmmi »

You can visit: (work done by students using Blender)

The animation for flying logos and 3d animation in was done using Blender for a promotional video.


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