verse 2.0 finaly out.

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Post by celeriac »

I'm sorry, I apologise, excuse me -- my wrong, my incorrect, my erroneous, my crappy, my lamentable.
anyway eskil, nice work as ever, quelsolaar and loqairou are lovely (although you could loose the sperm, so to speak, but I suppose that's just excentricity).

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Post by eskil »

Thank you (something i definitely missed in my last post)

I have made some fairly cool apps... I guess..

The sad thing is that now that im on The Next Gen Blender there is not going to be any more cool apps for a while. I need to make all the basic boring stuff work first, like verse. Im currently bored to death writing about verse (Im finishing up the spec at the moment).

As soon as i start seeing other people starting their own projects around verse I will be able to write something new and cool.


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Post by Money_YaY! »

Then have someone port it to OSX already. :twisted:

And I will make mad fun shtuff with.


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