Are you an artist?

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Are you an artist?

Post by desiderata »

Hi there!
just new to 3d and stuff, do I have to be a good artist to be able to create cool 3d? I've followed some tutorials somewhere but didn't really create a good one ...
I've seen some sites of great 3d artists and on their info it says that they liked drawing and fine arts, I was hoping I can do something like theirs without being that good in drawing and all. :roll:

Anyways it's great to have blender3d in opensource now I can have a 3d app for linux rather than Maya (I can't afford it).

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Post by S68 »

Hi! Welcome to Blender!

You don't need to be a good artist from the beginning... but if you apply to 3D you'll become :) is mostly centered on Blender development so these forums are mainly for coder/artists feedback on what to add/enhance on Blender.

For a wide user base, with galleries, tutorial links etc, please visit

If you don't already know it.


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Post by desiderata »

Thanks for the encouragement :)
I'm really pretty bad at drawing (also in programming) (for an IT student - Shame on ME ! :cry: :lol: )
Anyways good luck on the programming! maybe sometime soon I'll be contributing to more opensource programs like this one that has lots of promise 8)

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Post by RiNiK »

I think that there is little artist in everyone of us. :) but thats true what the say... You don't become artist in a day... but whit a little training everything is possible... :)

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Post by jeotero »

if you are thinking specifically 3d, then some painting, sculpting, etc classes are not going to hurt :)

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