Blender 2.43 Thanks ...

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Blender 2.43 Thanks ...

Post by moipersoin »

Thank you to all the Blender Developers.

It is an amazing application, created by an array of amazing people.

Three Cheers !

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Post by hyenaman »

I totally second that....u guys are amazing.
keep the fire burning

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Post by qwequ777 »

you are absolutely right...
where would we (the demanding community) be without these incredible developers?!
keep up the amazing work :D

I hope that one day I will be able to contribute to blender's source as well...

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Post by Sergeant_Oreo »

Hear hear! :D

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Post by shadowman99 »

Well done developers! Thanks for another great release! Virtual beers to you!!!

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huge thanks!

Post by rednelb »

huge thanks to all people involved!!

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Post by phase »

I forgive you guys for killing the Q key...
you have given so much in return!

A big thanks for Ton and all involved.

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Post by rwickes »

Most fantastic. Having developed tons of software myself, my hat is off to the development team for such an amazing product. Thank you so much for contributing all your time and effort and frustration to advance the state of the art for the good of the world over. Know that thousands enjoy the fruits of your labor.

And of course, the new face of the website puts us right up there. And the quality of the gallery images shows what a great package you guys (and gals?) have made.

For the next release, may I humbly suggest that the Help menu contain a list of the code contributors? I think a credits page is in huge order, since it is all so volunteer.
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Post by stiv »

I think a credits page is in huge order, since it is all so volunteer.
A genius idea. We could put it on the wiki! ... ntributors

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Post by poutsa »

Thanks to all Blender Developers! !
for this New 2.43 Blender Version!
Great Release!
...not only Great but also AMAAAAAAAZING!!!

THANK YOU....THANK YOU.....continious Forever!


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Post by thunderthunder »

Thankyou Blender Team!!!! :P :P :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D :D

Really appreciate it 8)

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Post by Gwentiv »

Yes !
I have to thank all developpers too !

Greeeeeeeeeeat software !
Excellent support through the comunity too !

(to phase: well i am grateful for the QKEY !)

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