integrating lip sync feature in blender

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integrating lip sync feature in blender

Post by sharpteam »

Hi all,

We spoke about our project on the IRC chat meeting (25/02/2007). You can take a look at the wiki page we made :
(bear in mind that it's only the draft step :) )

It has been updated according to some suggestions.

Again any information or suggestion are welcome

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Post by hyenaman »

ooooh!!! man that would be soooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttt!!!!!
As an animator that kinda stuff just gets my blood flowing...thanks man..
I hope it comes out soon.
keep up the awsome work.
p.s:Just a suggestion...why dont you guys keep this as a seperate window called "dubbing window" or something so the action editor can be uncluttered....blender tends to take up much screen real estate as is.

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Post by ddwagnz »

i have a question about the panel placement though
now, im not sure but are you going to have Tabbed Panels, as having tabbed will save scrolling across tons(remove the pun) of panels,
i'm not sure if you had that planned but that would be a good idea :)

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Post by zynek »

Hi there,

this looks like a nice project. I would suggest to be able to drive bones with this though. So that each phoneme is mapped to a bone configuration that can be weighted.

Most lip sync stuff I have seen latley does not use morph targets anymore. The face is usually rigged with bones to create facial animation. Morph targets are often used in real time applications but when doing high quality animations, bones usually provide a finer control.

Just as suggestion, I do realise you have limited time. Keep up the good work.

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Post by joeri »

And lattices. And modifiers.

Great stuff. Please take a look at the colors you are using, they are not very "blender like"

What about extra mesh movements like eyebrows etc... how to add these?

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Post by JiriH »

Hey boys,

good luck. You are doing amazing work. When I saw your project for the first time I guessed this was too good to be true :-))))))

Thank you very much

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Post by sharpteam »


Finally, we integrate our tool in a new editor. We have finished the university documentation. And we implemented:
- new space for lip-sync window
- load dictionary (uk)

you can read our documentation here: ... tation.pdf

After the end of university project, several details will be able to be modified to integrate to bf-blender source.

We can extend our project to use shape keys driven.


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Post by Koba »

When I saw your project for the first time I guessed this was too good to be true
And I'm reading this on April 1st!

This really sounds great. Personally, I don't know how much I would use it but there are a hell of a lot of people who would love this feature.

Blender is really coming along wonderful. Motion tracking and now this! 2.5 is going to be an insane release.

I wish you guys all the best in your project and commend your attempts at doinf something worthwhile in Blender!


EDIT: I am so jealous of you guys - 3rd years and actually doing something useful in the world! I'm at Oxford doing physics and it sucks - should have done CS elsewhere.

EDIT2: As you need to do this project for the course and you are unfamiliar with the Blender code, don't be afraid to ask and get help!

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Post by sharpteam »


thanks for all your support

We have made some changes to our lipsync project and are still working on it

We have decided to use actions for the animation to allow everyone to use his own rigging (shape actions, driven shape keys, lattices...)

You can have a look at our updated wiki page

We also have a temporary demo of our current progress

We have just created few shapes to show how our project's going so far and many things are still under development.

click right >> "save target as" , and open it with VLC: ...

once again, all comments are welcome
thank you for your interest on the project


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Post by bat3a »

what happened to this projects it a very nice one did it make it to blender or not

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