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Integration of Roadkill 1.1 UV Unwrap Tool ???

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 8:27 pm
by JiriH

recently I have started thread in Blender Artists Forum regarding some enhancement of UV and unwrapping tools in Blender. One user mentioned Roadkill 1.1 UV Unwrap Tool ( ). To my surprise it is derived from Blender as well as is released under the GNU license.

Roadkill 1.1 UV Unwrap Tool has very neat tools. Mainly sophisticated stretching visualisation in 3d preview, realtime preview of mapping smart welding etc. (some videos are here:

I have sent an e-mail to authors of the code regarding possible usage in Blender. They have sent quite positive answer as well as approach.

Here it is:
"Hi there

I'm a Commercial Maya artist (I work for Sony) who occasionally uses Blender/Python. I have only really limited use of Blender's UV mapping tools but they seem good to me. Though I would like to see the 'polygon stretching' implemented in Blender. As Roadkill is open source if you find a friendly Blender programmer and CONVINCE them that Blender needs this feature then it shouldn't be too hard to add (Andy said the code is dead simple).

Personally I think the area Blender is lacking most is the GUI. When it gets tidied up and user definable hotkeys are added then I will be much more comfortable with it.



Unfortunately I am not a programmer. So my questions are:
a) do you find useful to integrate Roadkill 1.1 UV Unwrap Tool in Blender?
b) is there any Blender developer interested in this project? Guys from Roadkill 1.1 UV Unwrap Tool are ready to provide needed help.
c) can this be a project for future release or even Google Summer of Code 2007? (Do not forget the higher number of petitions the higher probability be in GSC

Please do not consider this as crying for new features.

The point is that Roadkill 1.1 UV Unwrap Tool is derived from Blender is open source and these guys are ready to help. And as Roadkill 1.1 UV Unwrap Tool authors say: code is dead simple ;-)

Thank you very much for your answers. As I am not a programmer nor developer it would be very fine if someone of Blender dev gurus may take care of this possibility for this project.

Thank you very much


Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 6:09 pm
by JiriH
I am sorry for no answer. I hope some developer will be interested finaly.

To be more clear I am attachning some pictures:

In Blender Artists Forum we agreed that most welcomed features for UV work in Blender that Roadkill may offer are:
- stretch visualisation: this was once in tuhopuu, the code can be ported to the current version;
- auto unwrap when changing seams;
- edge/loop selection and seam editing in the UV editor: may be added once bmesh is there;
- intelligent stitching (big UV peaces do not move, smaller are connected);
- possibility to see (output) UV maps of more objects not jstu one in UV editor without joining them into one mesh.

Thank on any reply on this topic.