Feature Requests -- Where?

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Feature Requests -- Where?

Post by LayBack »


I am sorry, but I don't know where to post new feature requests. Could anyone please enlighten me?

BTW, I would like to have a command line switch to disable the pull down menus (file, and so on). Or maybe a button in the info window? And I would love to get rid of the obsolete buttons in the curve edit button window (Cardinal and, maybe, Bezier).

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Post by LethalSideParting »

There you go:

http://projects.blender.org/tracker/?at ... unc=browse

Happy requesting!


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Post by Friday13 »

And also, go to the "The Next Release" forum and post something in the wishlist. We're kinda working on a plan to get developers to look at the most requested features so they can implement them in Blender :)

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Post by Money_YaY! »

Quick comment about the Next Release forum.

It's to far down the page. I never knew it was even there.

Maybe you should put it on the top or second item to pick.

Most viewers are just so busy to get to the bottom of pages.

^v^ heh just a thought.

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