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Blender - AMAZING

Post by squirrel »

Hey all - I've been out of 3d modelling/animation work professionally for a few years. A recent personal project found me looking for a capable modeler but given I'm in a different industry and I don't pirate I was a bit stumped. I found a bunch of Blender reviews and am giving it a whirl (OS X).

In short - I'm amazed. I use a fair bit of OSS under both OS X and Ubuntu (Inkscape, OpenOffice/NeoOffice, GiMP, NVU) but Blender is easily the most polished and complete OSS application I've ever tried. In a few hours I have a satisfactory prototype of the model I need - something I'd budgeted two weeks to get done - and am rapidly adding things I'd written off (due to my lack of recent modeling experience and not having a commercial tool.)

Massive kudos to the Blender team and contributors - I'm a avid user and evangelist after two days. It's accessible, capable, sensible and powerful.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I didn't see one for Raves!

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Post by iluvblender »

Hello squirrel.

Welcome to Blenderland.

Make sure you read the Blender Wiki

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Post by teachtech »

Hi squirrel! Welcome to the community. It's easy to become obsessed With Blender. You're one of the first I've heard not complain about learning the interface... Great!

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Post by jaycun »

hi squirrel!

I also want to extend a warm welcome to you from the community.

If you haven't already discovered, I suggest you visit that forum also. Most of the artists and other people with talent hang out there. is mainly a development forum.


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Post by Falgor »


That "blender-school" site is very nice... I hope I can hold a course using that material in my school. Thanks a trillion.

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