'Essential Blender', a new book!

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'Essential Blender', a new book!

Post by Dullgarian »

Hi everyone!

Just posting to let you that I'm really excited about the new book! I was wondering when this moment would come, finaly the wait is over! :D Reading blender books practice my english! :lol: If I'd have suggestions to say, be sure to not forget images (blank hole is not funny lol) and change the font, it's too small and hardly readable I believe. I don't think I'll capable of reading this 1 hour straight. :( It's just my opinion!

Before I forget, when I checked the e-shop refered page, I saw this line:
e-Shop wrote:* Up to date with (upcoming) 2.44 Blender
Does it mean that a new version is coming before may? 2.43 have just been released! :shock: Do you have any informations or things to share about this upcoming version?

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Post by joeri »

It probably means no features will be included in 2.44 that are not in the book.

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Post by mjordan »

joeri wrote:It probably means no features will be included in 2.44 that are not in the book.
Or probably no new feature of the 2.44 version will be covered (TM) :P
Apart jokes, I preordered the book but I'm a little bit disappointed with the e-shop. I sent them 3 (three) email and never got an answer. :x
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