A Spanish Blender, Are you bilingual?

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A Spanish Blender, Are you bilingual?

Post by beaon »

If you are bilingual and want to see a fully updated Spanish Blender, we have some work for you!

We have thousands of translations to do and need help.

Through emails I will distribute 25 lines that need to be translated at your request.

If you finish the 25 lines they will be marked in the master .po file after thoroughly being checked that they were in fact translated correctly. From there we can distribute 25 more.

If you do good work and always finish in a descent amount of time frame we can work it out where we give you more work like 50 lines or more. If time is an issue no biggy we can just continue to distribute the minimum 25 untill you finish it at your convenience.

Bottom line is there are 2 of us trying to translate thousands of lines of English blender menu options to Spanish. So, if you want to help please post here and I will contact you with my email.


There is a huge Spanish community out there that loves Blender. I feel that the software could be open to more and Spanish tutorials would be easier if the entire suite was in Spanish. If your a member of the spanish community please help out!

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Post by pepius »

Hi =)

I think I could help translating. I'm not really sure about this, but well, I think i'll have no problems, so I want to at least try those first 25 lines.


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Post by viriathus »


I'm ready to translate the first 25 lines. :wink:

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Post by Fog »

I'm ready to help too!

How it works? Do you send us an email with the 25 lines?


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Post by BlackSnake »

I want too, send me that lines

Mars Attacks
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Post by Mars Attacks »

I have been working in translations of old blender manuals, and I'm worried about some aspects of the work to do. We will have a sort of term list for coherence between us or there will be someone who give coherence to the final translation?

I would like to help in the translation -but I have no much time, so the 25-lines strategy seems right to me-. What the translations will be for? The GUI? The wiki?

Huges for everyone. Pepius, you have grown so much fast! You are even older than me! :o

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Post by megacat »


The same as my friends, I also want to help in the translation.
The translation, is for the wiki? :?:
Send me 25 lines to begin :D


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Post by beaon »

The translation is to change the GUI. Completly.

What has happened is there once was a spanish version of Blender out there. It was largely incomplete but some of the main options were changed to Spanish. Sometimes you can see an example of this on Spanish tutorials of blender where part of the menu is in Spanish and the other parts still in English. There is a Spanish .po out there but it doesnt even have 1000 lines of text and is something like 4 years old. Comparing that to the 2 week old italian .po file that has near 20k lines of text, I would say it is marginally outdated. We are going to fix that.

Here is what we have to do.
1. Grab an existing translation file (eg German)

The .PO files in SVN are outdated and have many strings unuseful and others that are not included. So, get all .PO files and merge (see GNU gettext binaries) them into a single one, then clean it and begin to work with. This will not give you a full GUI translatable list of strings, but will be as complete as possible.

1a. From the Blender source distribution download - po/de.po
the po file holds all the original menu options in English.
English is the base language of Blender. You cannot translate the menu options from any other language accept from English. This keeps everything uniform.
Any how step one is done, I downloaded the italian .po file. It was the most up to date file in the list and is only 2 weeks old since a previous update.

2. Rename it from de.po to XX.po where XX is your country code. Country Codes:
Ours will be es.po, this part is done.
3. The .po file consists of message ids (in English) and message strings.(translated) eg: msgid "Start the rendering" msgstr "Starte das rendern"
4. Translate all the msgstr's.
5. Compile the .po file to a .mo file with msgfmt (from gettext)
6. Copy the compiled .mo file to: .blender/locale/XX/LC_MESSAGES/blender.mo (XX = your country code)
7. Edit .blender/.Blanguages
8. Test.
9. Email your .po file to bf-committers@blender.org
I am going to do everything. The only problem is step 4. Thats where you guys help me out!

Because many of the po files are not up to date they recommend getting them all and merging them. What I have done is simply downloaded the italian version of a po file, because it is only 2 weeks old. That saved me some time. On the flip side however, there are about 18,000 lines of text.

Each translation takes 4 lines. Thats about 4,500 translations. Thats alot of work!

So what I will do is hold the master .po file. I will keep track of who is managing which lines and once I have received your work, it will be checked by me and another bilingual blender friend of mine who has a better knowledge of spanish math, algebra, and graphic vocabulary then I do! Once we validate your work we merge your portion into the main PO file and consider that section complete. We then will distribute 25 new lines of code untill the whole project is done.

So for now, I am going to contact each of you individually to verify your email addresses then we start immediatly. The only catch is you might have to wait a day for me to respond, I don't have the convenience of internet in my home like others! =)

I look forward to getting in touch with each of you!

I am extremely excited about the support, I was expecting maybe one or two other people. With 6 this project can easily be finished in a more reasonable amount of time.


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Post by beaon »

We have a small problem. I can't get everyone's email here.

So what I need you guys to do is email my yahoo account.


In the topic put Blender Translation, or Blender to spanish, or something recognizable of that sort.

I will then email you back with my gmail account and we can get you started. I will have already added you in my gmail as well. If it suits our needs more I can start a google group for us to work in.

Get back to me asap!


Mars Attacks
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Post by Mars Attacks »

Congratulations for the organization, it seems to be well planed.

The most of the people that replied came from the CG forums 3DPoder. If you need to do some kind of advice, you can find the thread about the translation in this link (you may register first, I think):

http://www.3dpoder.com/foro3dpoder/show ... hp?t=51950

Let's email you :)

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Post by beaon »

Things are going well. We just broke 9% completed this morning, and an additional 9% is spread across all of our wonderful translators. We will get this done before you know it!


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Post by beaon »

16.28% completed

8.65% handed out and is being translated

Total of 24.93% completed or in active status.

Were cruisin.

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I´ve decided to help


I´ve workin´with Blender for almost a year and I think it´s time to help.
I have read that only 25 lines are sent each time.

So....I´m ready for my first 25.
¿Where must I send the translation?

I think u´ll get my mail from my profile,here it is anyway


See U

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Post by scardario »

I'd like to help too

send me some work whenever you want

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PO file

Post by granadajose »


I am currently creating a web page about the translation of Open Source projects into Spanish (you can visit it at www.opentranslation.es). I would like to add Blender to the list of projects covered. Would it be possible to get the PO with the translation into Spanish? Are there any information about this translation, such as list of conventions, terminology or style guides?

Many thanks for your help!


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