Weekly tuhopuu builds.

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Weekly tuhopuu builds.

Post by cessen »

I'm going to start making weekly tuhopuu builds for linux. I'm not going to promise that I will get to it every single week, but I'll try.

Also, be aware that these builds will probably stop during the summer, because I won't have as much access to my dev' computer then (which also means that I won't be doing as much work on my modification).

Anyway, you can bookmark the following page for all your linux tuhopuu needs:


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Post by Mats78 »

thanks cessen, that's great :) ...because frankly, I haven't got the time or wits to compile tuhopuu over and over again. Still I'd like to follow the development.

bookmarks are made!


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Post by kroopson »

anyone could do the same on windows please?

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Post by NateTG »

I second the motion. windoze anyone? please?

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Post by Saluk »

Hehe, Ill do what I can if I can get it to compile. Anyone have any tips using MingW?

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Post by theeth »

kroopson wrote:anyone could do the same on windows please?
as long as I get past the compilation errors introduced by the language pack, I'll post an up to date windows binary.

until then, you can use that version, which is a build from last monday. http://www.clubinfo.bdeb.qc.ca/~theeth/ ... lisher.zip

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Post by kroopson »

thanks :D

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