True Volumetrics and fake Volumetrics for Blender

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True Volumetrics and fake Volumetrics for Blender

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:wink: Hello everyone
I'm wondering if there ever blender will have true volumetrics/voxel rendering. If I have more proficiency in coding Blender I'll give a shot myself.

Also what about micropolygon displacement? It could improve the rendering of solid objects to.

Anyway, last nigth I found something that could fake volumetrics cloud and fire in blender (with some limitations as would expect from a fake method) But with some customization I think someone could find this stuff usefull:

1-Make a bunch of points (particles,mesh, anything)
2-Assign a Halo material with this settings:
2.a) FLseed 3 (Important!)
2.b) Flares 3 (Important to!)
2.c) Flare button on (offcourse)
2.d) Boost and Add sliders as you wish
2.e) HaloTex on but the texture have to be NONE and map to ONLY Alpha
(that way the principal flare are hide )

with this method you only get a fire material but with some post process effect you could achieve any material.


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