Seeking Blender Animal Modelers.

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Seeking Blender Animal Modelers.

Post by Zakw »


I hope i can post this, anyway here goes.

I've been posting around 3D forums,
I'm looking for some 3D modelers who are skilled in
modeling animals.
anyone here interested in modeling some characters

and anyone who can create natural 3D oceans.

If your interested please Email:

: :D

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Post by iaminnocent »

Hoping that you'll come back to read this...
well I'll cover my bet with an email...

You are on a developer forum.
You'd have better chance is you aimed your request at users.
The main user community is, by far, but is you check the 'User Community' link above you may like something else too that you'll find there.

Also, don't be so vague. You sound like you are not daring revealing too much which makes busy (hence talented) people want to not know too much.



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