Vectex: SVG vector texture plugin for Blender

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Vectex: SVG vector texture plugin for Blender

Post by mgmalheiros »

Hello all!

I've just released the first version of this vector texture plugin for Blender:

The version is 0.9, it is still beta, but seems to be quite stable and usable. I still miss some minor features, that I plan to add as time permits. It is GPL licensed.

Its main goal is to be a robust texture plugin for rendering text, signs and any other type of vector art, without the need for an explicit conversion to a bitmap image. Correctly used it can both give a better quality and use less memory than a bitmap.

The site above has the source code, a binary for Linux and the documentation. I've also uploaded a very simple animation demonstrating the ability to generate texture details on demand. Alternatively, the same is available on YouTube, although in very poor quality:

For serious use I suggest reading the documentation as the memory usage demands some care. The main features are:

- SVG support for paths and basic shapes, using solid colors.

- Makes possible to render an arbitrarily detailed texture, calculating only the needed parts of it (called tiles) in the best resolution for the final Blender output.

- Uses the Anti-Grain Geometry (AGG) library for very fast and accurate rendering.

- Tiles are cached and kept in memory as long as they are needed or the memory limit is reached. It is also possible to see how much memory it is using.

- Tiles which are of solid color are stored efficiently as a single RGB, both reducing memory usage and increasing the performance.

- Implements trilinear texturing (mipmapping and bilinear texture interpolation).

- Can apply a color code to the texture for the identification of different detail levels.

- It is possible to define the base color (paper color) as where the SVG illustrations is drawn onto.

- Has a simple text entry for specifying the SVG file.

- Multiple instances of the plugin can be run independently in parallel, with different textures and settings.

Any feedback is appreciated. It also would be nice to have developers contributing binaries for other platforms.


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Post by christiankrupa »

this looks great, ive downloaded the source and tried to compile on my mac, to no good result - ive communicated with Marcelo about it and he has helped where he can, but im wondering if anyone more literate than I could have a go,its only a little download and if you know what oyu are doing im sure its a cinch... im getting 'missing symbol' errors and dont have the knowledge to work it out....Marcelo says its mostly fine from the output ive sent him, but its just the last 'linking' stage...

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