A faster MacBook Blender

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A faster MacBook Blender

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If you have the Apple Developer Tools installed on your MacBook you can open OpenGL Profiler 2 in the Developer folder on your hard drive. If you don't have them download them from developer.apple.com. You must sign in with a username and password. I have the developer tools 3 beta on my machine. You also then must relogin after installation and download the OpenGL Profiler 2 installer.

Ensure Launch Application and click on the + sign under the table view. Navigate to your Blender application folder (usually: /Applications/Blender/Blender.app)

Then click on Use Custom Pixel Format checkbox and click on edit...

click on Attributes and select the following attributes:

kCGLPFAAccelerated, kCGLPFAAccumSize, kCGLPFAAlphaSize, kCGLPFAColorSize, kCGLPFADepthSize, kCGLPFADoubleBuffer, kCGLPFANoRecovery, kCGLPFAStencilSize, kCGLPFAWindow

The default values will be zeros. Modify the following to equal the given values:

kCGLPFAAlphaSize = 8,
kCGLPFAColorSize = 24,
kCGLPFADepthSize = 32,
kCGLPFAStencilSize = 8

You can then click on Attributes again to collapse the sidebar. Then close the floating window.

NEVER HIT CLEAR or you will have to do it all again.

Make sure you are using the Native Graphics Driver. Do not change this.

Then select the application in the table which has the Blender path in it, click Launch.

Your Blender should run a lot quicker. You may also need to resize your menu bars, and turn on Dock hiding on your MacBook.

This has helped me greatly. Hope this helps, if not -- get a MacBook Pro, or Mac Pro computer :-)

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