A comment on Microsofts email to Blender developers

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A comment on Microsofts email to Blender developers

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Dear all,

I'm not a Blender developer, so I hope you will pardon my insolence of posting to this forum.

I have been using Open Source software for over a decade, I contributed money to the "Free Blender" project that paid for freeing the Blender source code, and I've been observing Microsoft business practices for a long time, so I hope my dedication and business knowledge will deliver the weight that my feeble developer skills can't.

After reading Microsofts email to the Blender developers, I must say that I'm concerned.

Regardless ones opinion about Microsoft, and whether their file formats are open or not, I think everybody can agree that Microsoft is in sole control of Microsofts own file formats(!)

The consequence of forming a symbiosis with Microsoft, by relying on their file formats in Blender, will be a shift of focus away from community-backed open file formats, towards Microsoft-controlled file formats.

Microsoft will thus be handed an exclusive right to determine file format compatibility in Blender. That's not a basket I would like to place my eggs in.

The approach made by Microsoft is kind of backwards: They suggest that the Blender community (and the Open Source community in general) wants Microsoft file formats. To my understanding, what we want is openness and freedom, which is given to us by Open Source software and community-backed open file formats.

Thus the only reply to Microsoft that makes sense, is to tell them to built in support for "our" file formats into their applications, be it the Ogg line of media files, ODF or whatever. They've proven their worth, and were born free and open - I fail to see why Microsofts kind of openness is better than what we already have.

Therefore Microsoft should do openness our way, if they truly value the results that Blender developers have made so far.

Thank you for your time!


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Well said. I couldn't agree more.

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