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Computer science

Post by Phenow »

Hi, I've recently become addicted to this wonderful program and the Linux society. I'm leaving for college in a few months and am taking Computer science. However, as I get more and more addicted to this type of work, questions have risen. Does anyone have an opinion on whether or not going to a Computer Science degree would be a good thing to do if I really end up loving the animation or CGI pathway more than actual programming or web design? I'm just curious mainly because my college doesn't appear to have a 3D animation or design degree, and I was just becoming more curious as I dive deeper into this type of work. Thanks for any opinions!!

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Post by SirDude »

Most of the people reading this are probably developers so are a bit biased.

Having said that, the two can complement each other. I'm pretty sure almost all of the developers here first started using blender then decided to work with the code.

I'd just give one warning, if you start going down this path, you'll maybe find that you spend less time using blender and more time working with the code.
That also seems to be the norm for developers.

Again this is just my opinion but do what you love to do. If you decide
Computer Science isn't for you then switch to something else. In the
end you'll be much happier. I don't have the facts to point to it but here at
the University of Minnesota they did a study on if students were working in the field they got a degree in. The results were that People that switched majors had a higher precentage of graduation and were doing something in their field.

Me I knew I wanted to work in the computer field since grade school.
For a long time I felt that I wanted to make animated movies, So I kind of played with computer graphics and art classes. I kind of fell into a good job here at the University doing Unix System Administration, when I graduated and I doubt I'll ever leave it.

I think its easier to get a decent job in a technical field than it is to support yourself in an "Art" type of job. Having said that though I still feel you should do what you love.

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