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Ignore mouse wheel tilt

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I have a Logitech mouse which has a mouse wheel tilt function. When I pan or move around 3d-views with middle mouse button it is easy to tilt the wheel by accident. Blender then interrupts what it is doing and I have to release middle mouse button and try again.

This gets very frustrating and I have searched all over the tubes to find a solution where to tell Xorg (yes I'm running Linux) to ignore those events but to no avail.

Do any of you know of any way to disable specific mouse button events in Xorg?

If not, where in the code do I have to modify to have Blender ignore the events?

Xorg sends the wheel tilt events as mouse buttons 6 and 7.
I run 64-bit Fedora 9 with 64-bit Blender.

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