i need some forum help

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i need some forum help

Post by karcusrd »

[Hi I need some help with this and blender artist forums I dont know how to or where else to get help
unless you have to pay to post in artis forum it wont let me post there so im here

so i wont even get to the images part now until I can get some clearity of these two forums thank for any help in this.

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Post by tsgfilmwerks »

Did you:

1. Register an Account at BlenderArtist?
2. Activate said account via e-mail?
3. Sign in to said account?

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forum help

Post by karcusrd »

Did all that and then some still nothing left messages to 3 administrators
and still nothing yours is the only response. I had to search google to even find the administrators of blenderartist.
thank for responding and trying to help me.

Blend'n 4 jesus
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Post by Blend'n 4 jesus »

Try posting without links or pictures. If you absolutely need to post a picture, attach it withe the paperclip icon. Here is why this is by the site admin:
Let me first say that the usability and friendlyness of blenderartists.org is a great priority to me. I know we have a great responsibility to Blender users.

Let me clarify the moderating situation of the forum:

- users who register at the forum must pass a bot-check (so-called captcha)
- users with less than 5 posts may not post links, the post is blocked
- some keywords in posts will cause the post to be blocked, these keywords include certain brand names and spam-heavy words like pills

The last 2 precautions were implemented because we saw a big rise in spam, to a point where the forum was becoming un-usable. I am very aware that these precautions can cause frustration with users and it is certainly not my intention to keep these measures for a long time. However, I felt they were necessary to protect the forum and it's users.

You are correct in stating that the workforce required to handle the moderation queue is currently not available. I chose for a very effective, yet slightly clumsy way to prevent spam that unfortunately also targets users who mean well.

I apologize for the inconvenience of these measures. I can only promise that I am working hard to improve this situation and find a better solution to our spam issues.


Roel "Goofster" Spruit
I hope this helps you! :D

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Post by spikegomez »

Yup you may try posting without a link or picture content in your post...
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