Symbiont Plugin (Darktree)

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Symbiont Plugin (Darktree)

Post by Blended99 »

Hi all,

I'm a fan of Darktree ( and a new "victim" of Blender (amazing piece of work).
On the Site of Darksin I found a Symbiont plugin (the plugin you need to import the textures into your application) written from Paul Bridger.
The bad news is, that the plugin doesn't run in Blender 2.48 - (wrong python version).
Has anybody an idea if the plugin is available for the newest version or if the source code is GPL ?

Tx for help

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Post by MadMesh »

Your best bet would probably be to contact Paul Bridger directly as he is the author of the plugin for blender.

You can of course always go back to an older Blender version. Or you can take a closer look at Blenders own material node system, I don't exactly know how Blenders node system holds up against the DarkTree system but its very powerful. You can browse through the Blender Material Repository and see for your self.

On a side note.
Do you have the correct Python version for Blender 2.48? Do you have any other Python related problems?

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