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Post by R@ »

system 1:
Operating system (and version) : Windows XP sp2

Graphics card (manufacturer, chipset, etc.) : ati radeon 9800XT

Driver/OpenGL version : ati catalyst 4.10

Functionality or problems (please note the Blender version if functionality differs between versions) :
very good (since blender 2.34), only downside is that the 3d window seems to slow down after some hours of blending. When restarting blender, its fine again.
Fullscreen mode does not work properly. e.g. add menu by pressing space does not work, button windows does work, but the file menu etc does not work.

system 2:
Operating system (and version) : Windows XP sp2
Graphics card (manufacturer, chipset, etc.) : nvidia geforce 3 ti 200

Driver/OpenGL version : latest forceware

Functionality or problems (please note the Blender version if functionality differs between versions) : Blender works really good on this pc.

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Post by mixxedstuff »


Same specs as previously posted. As of yet, these are the results with 2.35:

I now get fast appearing menus and quicker rendering. However, I now get the symptoms the radeon cards were getting some time back- slowing down over time. Within about half an hour, it goes irritatingly slow.

But it's good to see that it now works passably with this Radeon 7000 VE.

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Post by MikeMLP »

I'm on a thinkpad with an ATI mobility 9600. everything seems to work fine, as long as I'm not in fullscreen mode. In fullscren mode, the keyboard doesn't seem to function, making all hotkeys useless. I'll survive in windowed mode though, as everthing works fine.

I can get about 300k polies in a viewport before I experience slowdown, don't know if that is a lot or a little for someone with a comparable nvidia card and similar specs.

dothan (pent. M) 1.7GHz
Ram: 512 pc3200

running: v 2.35

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Post by Pierre-Luc_Auclair »

OS: Windows XP Pro sp1

Comp: P4 2.4b, 1gb ram, Quadro 980 XGL

Drivers: Latest forceware

Blender 2.36

Works flawlessly. Sometimes the menus don't redraw correctly, but I suspect Objectdock to try to get the larger part of the blanket.

Is it normal when I benchmark on a simple scene that I get completely ridiculous framerates ?
1300fps or so. :shock:

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Post by Antares »

System specs:
Windows XP Professional
Asus P5AD2 Deluxe + Latest intel drivers v6.21.1001
P4 3.4 GhZ
1024 MB RAM
Geforce 6600 PCIe

Blender is instantly crashing the system if i am switching to 32-bit color depth. On 16 and 8 bit it works. I have tried many different drivers so far (Old/recent/beta nvidia drivers) nothing helped.

Somebody knows how to solve this? I hope i am not the only one having a nvidia PCIe grafic card :(

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Post by mjordan »

Operating system: Fedora Core 3 Linux, Vanilla Kernel 2.6.10
Graphics card: ATI Radeon Mobility U1 32/64 MB shared memory
Driver/OpenGL version: Those shipped with ATI don't ships native drivers for this card.
Functionality: Blender has visual artifacts on the UI. The classic "flashing" GUI problems. Don't know how to solve them.

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Post by bobbens »

Operating system: Debian Linux Sarge rc2
Kernel: 2.6.8 i386
Graphics card: ATI Radeon 9600 256mb version
System: AMD Athlon XP 2600+, 512MB RAM, A7N8X-X mobo
Driver/OpenGL: xfree using official linux driver 0.8.8

Report: Perfect compatibility. Getting really good fps on high poligon models. Completely stable, using sarge sources. All gotten via apt-get except the ati drivers gotten from

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Post by dgebel »

Operating system: Win98 SE
Graphics card: S3 Savage 4 32mb version
System: P2 266Mhz
Driver/OpenGL: 4.0 - driver for 8A22, version 8.20.38 seems to be latest

Report: I can't use blender at all!! The menu and button text is ERASED PERMANENTLY when the mouse goes over it. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Post by ishouldbecoding »

Antares wrote:System specs:
Somebody knows how to solve this? I hope i am not the only one having a nvidia PCIe grafic card :(
Operating System: WinXP Pro
Graphics Card: Geforce 6800 Ultra PCI-express
System: Dual Xeon Dual PCI-express.
Driver: nvoglnt.dll

Blender is not very stable. Also, if I am in shaded/solid editing mode, accessing the menu (spacebar) causes the window to go either black or red. This doesn't occur on my ATI 9800.

There seem to be some stability problems in general with both ogl and dx9 software on this system.

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Post by vitos »

Operating System: Mac OS X
Graphics Card: Geforce FX 5200 64Mb
System: Dual 2GH G5
Driver: don't know

Works great, no problems. Well, maby with higher poly-count projects, 1mln faces and up, when graphics starts to "jump". Apart from this, great.

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Post by ebrain »

Operating System: WinXP SP1
Graphics Card: ATI RADEON 9550
System: P4 3.2GHz + 512 DDRRAM
Driver: ATI CATALYST 5.3

Some icons don't seems to appear correctly. Could you fix it ?

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Post by LetterRip »

Could you give specific icons that don't appear?

Also try CVS Blender (from the testing builds) to see if the problem still exists.


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SGI Octane

Post by tbaldridge »

System: SGI Octane (circa. 1997)
Proc: Dual 195Mhz MIPS R10000
RAM: 512MB
Video Card: SI (I Think)
Irix Verison: 6.5 (I think)
Blender Version: 2.36

Works great. I think I saw a few artifacts, but nothing serious. Even works great with remote X.

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Post by konrad_ha »

OS: Suse Linux 9.2 32bit
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3000+
GPU: Ati Radeon 9800 Pro

blender 2.35: seems to work fine but is too outdated to be of any use to me
blender 2.36: crashes almost immediately taking X with it, even killing X via SSH won't work.
blender 2.37: crashes after a about a minute taking part of X with it, the mouse cursor still works while the keyboard doesn't.
tohopuu: funny enough, the experimental tohopuu-build runs the longest (about 1/4h) before crashing

Like most fellow Linux-users I learned to hate ATI for their non-existant support for my beloved OS. If you ever consider switching to the vast world of Linux get an nVIDIA-card.

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Post by scandog »

Operating system: Windows XP, SP2
Graphics card: ATI radeon 9700Pro 128Meg
Driver/OpenGL version:
Functionality: Blender works perfectly in all versions tested except 2.37a
All menu buttons and text top and botom are blurry. When mouse passes over layer buttons etc screen goes all funny and has black diagnal line.

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