Graphics card compatibility - post your specs here!

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Post by whodat4lyfe »

Operating system: Windows 7 Professional
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00GHz
Graphics card: ATI Radeon x1300

Blender run extremely slow when compared to xp and vista. guess I have to wait when Blender is better capable with windows 7
John Marston

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Post by Wilf_911 »

Operating system: Windows 7 Premium
Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 630 2.80GHz
Graphics card: Nvidia 9200 256Mb ( Intergrated ) :cry: :oops:

Blender is working perfectly well.

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Compatible Requirement

Post by cltwhite »

Operating system: Windows XP, SP2
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS
Driver/OpenGL version: v41.09 NVidia driver
Functionality: Blender works perfectly in all versions tested
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Post by sipsipwip »

OS: Windows vista
V card: Gforce-9600m GS
Works great! newest version

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Post by chejenna »

OS: XP Pro Sp3 tweaked to the T
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ @2.2ghz
GPU: Sapphire Radeon x1950pro 512mb OC'd
Ram: 1 Gig(need more!)

No isses yet, ill report anything if i come across it

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Post by dotie.ied »

* Operating system (and version): OpenSuSE 11
* Graphics card: ASUS (7200 GS NVIDIA chipset)
* Driver/OpenGL version: 173.14.12
* Functionality or problems (please note the Blender version if functionality differs between versions): Freezing when rendering.
* Any additional notes: None

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Post by erickaplan »

Operating system: Windows XP, SP1
Graphics card ATI, Radeon Mobility 9000 (64 MB)
Driver/OpenGL version: ATI Technologies Inc.
Functionality: Blender 2.27 - no pb so far

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Re: Graphics card compatibility - post your specs here!

Post by mutnaf »

Operating system: Windows XP
Graphics card: 3dlabs Wildcat VP 760
Driver/OpenGL version: latest from ATI; earlier release drivers work
Functionality: Blender runs well, some graphics glitches in shade mode,works perfectly
Lou Eaker

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Post by Grafos »

Operating system: Windows 7 64-bit
Graphics card: Ati HD5870
Driver/OpenGL version: Catalyst 10.9
Functionality: Works perfectly

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Post by diannesullivan »

new graphics card purchased today will update specs later.

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Post by phols45 »

* WindowsXP
* ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
* Latest ATI Catalyst Drivers
* All versions of blender work great
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Post by RiViT »

OS: Windows 7 x64
CPU: dual Xeon 3.2 gHz (Dell Precision 670)
RAM: 4 gb
Video: GTX-560 Ti DS

Note: I upgraded from a GT-220 to my current video card and until I uninstalled and reinstalled (from the disc) the drivers, Blender was erratic. Whether this was because of such a radical change in cards or because the cards were not manufactured by the same company, I don't know.

Works fine now, though.
-Ron T.

Wet Sponge
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Re: Graphics card compatibility - post your specs here!

Post by Wet Sponge »

System: Windows Vista 32bit, SP2
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 2600XT
Driver Version: OpenCL
Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.40GHz
Memory (RAM): 4GB
Blender Functionality: Works very well, nearly all versions tested - including 2.5x alphas and betas.

Side Note: First release of Cycles (2.57) gives very quick rendering on my machine. It seems around two or three times faster than LuxRender, at this point!

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Post by poks »

Hi there guys!

Operating system: Windows 7 Professional
Processor: Intel Core 5

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Post by ee7blender »

Laptop Dell Inspiron 1420
O.S. Debian Squeeze (stable) x64
Blender 2.58 for 64bits system

Works absolutely perfect. I've never had any bug :)

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