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SirDude wrote:razor85, I have a similar responce for yours, not enough details to really determine if what your thinking is good or not. Blender's GL stuff is pretty old and could use some work. If you were to do a project improving things it would need to insure that things still work on all of the platforms.

It's an area that needs work but you need to put some sort of a game plan togeather before we can really say ok this is a good project...
Well last year i started writting a free (as speech) engine for games and i took that into account (retro-compatibility) so im aware of the openGL bottlenecks on various implementations. My best bet would make a new system while the old one still works and make the checks in real time using GLEW for a more modern approach. Considering that GLEW (or using direct check for opengl extensions) is pretty straight forward i see no problem for compatibility in this case, of course more tests will be needed.

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Just to clarify what I mean.

A lot of these ideas are hard to judge when all you have is a once sentance summary. From it I can't really tell what kind of scope your talking about, I also can't really see your experience etc...

If I saw the following as proposals...
Proposal 1.
I want to upgrade GL in blender.
I'd vote against this every time.

Proposal 2.
I've looked at intern/ghost as well as some of the drawing code in
blender/source/blender/src and I think I can make the following improvements. (more details listed)

This second proposal would get my vote, assuming I think the person could do what the project was and that it was reasonable to do in the amount of time provided.

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I have a good one. XSI has a feature called Gator, where you can transfer attributes of similarly scaled models to other models such as the rigging, UVS, morphs etc.... ... _7123.html

That would be an awesome feature to have.

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