Project dying?

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Project dying?

Post by TestPilot »

people loosing interest in Blender?

Last gallery archive dated November 2007. And many works from current gallery release are reposted from archive. And before that, people were submitting enough art to have completely new gallery release almost every month. But there was only few new works uploaded in 2008...

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Re: Project dying?

Post by tsgfilmwerks »

Or maybe their hiding away, working on blender 2.5

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Post by kAinStein »

The gallery is there to show off Blender's capabilities and there's plenty stuff to do so. It takes somebody to maintain the gallery, too. So these ressources can be used for something else - for example for the development. It's not the way that this site is an art promotion display for artists. So guessing that the project is dying is certainly weird... Especially if you take a close look at the development that is ongoing.

Check the gallery if you want to see more art.

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Post by snifi »

I feel those galleries ( + should be integrated to save a double work.

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Post by joeri »

snifi wrote:I feel those galleries ( + should be integrated to save a double work.
Not really.
As kAinStein states this site is focussed on development. The blender gallery should reflect that. The artists gallery can reflect art.

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