Finding Nemo Dynamics

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Finding Nemo Dynamics

Post by JA-forreal »

I know that this information on the Finding Nemo Film will get some of the Blender dynamics coding people thinking-

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Post by Jamesk »

Is it just me, or do those stillframes look a bit... dull? Doesn't look like the ordinary Pixar magic, sort of...

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Post by Pablosbrain »

Its going to be a great film! I've already got tickets to the first showing in the theaters near me!

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Post by thorax »

I have seen some of it.. On CNBC they were saying "water is hard to do"
I'm glad they informed people.. Little-Nemo looked good
but not sure what fluid-dynamics exist if any..

Anyhow, the flocking of fish and things of that sort
are procedural/behavioural animation, I know Pixar is really
good at developing automated flocking algorithms.. So if
you are wondering how they animate the numbers, its
basically AI applied to 3D objects..

Another reason I stress the used of mobile agents in Eskil's
Verse development is that it makes making animated objects
more as actors and less like objects, by making them entities
that can interact and flock and act.. I would like to see actors
that can be programmed like robots to react to other actors,
much like how Ken Perlin has been suggesting over the last
decade.. There is a whole science in beavhioural procedural
and AI based animation and its still ongoing, I would hope
that others here grasp onto this and make it a part of blender..

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