Action IPO's error in 2.26 and 2.27

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Action IPO's error in 2.26 and 2.27

Post by soletread » Sat May 31, 2003 11:56 am

I have found an error in Blender's Action IPO section.

When editing the curves of one bone, editing say LOCX, if I grab a handle for a curve and move it. then ALL the OTHER curves move erratically.

Even though i have only 1 curve selected.

If I should escape from the grab on the handle by pressing the right mouse button, the other curves do not return to their previous positions but remain in their randomised state. Thus totally ruining any decent motion I had on this bone.

No, wait, there's more.....Not only is this bone affected, but if I should have a look at some other bones, not all of them, only some, the IPO curves to the left of the Keyframe I am on, become flattened.

I dont know if their flattened state is random or if they always become flat.

The current project I am working on is taking at least 3 times the amount of time as it should because if I make an error on an action, I cant edit the IPO's, I have to start the action from scratch.

Also If I should go back to a particular keyframe after setting it and grab a bone and move it, a new IPO node (keyframe) is inserted into exactly the same spot as the previous node on the same frame. Therefore having 2 nodes on the same frame for one curve. Should a modification to a bones position at an existing key not just modify the key and not create a new one at exactly the same frame?

In all instances above I am using the auto keyframe feature.


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