Blender 2.27 I can not save my work

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Blender 2.27 I can not save my work

Post by nonoma »

In Blender 2.27 under WinXP , sometimes I can't save my work ...
The files after SAVE or SAVE AS are 0 Bytes big (small!) , also the *.blend1 etc.
I don't understud this problem ....
There is no errormessage in the cmd-box .
Is it an Problem with importet VRML-files (Export from Wings3D) or is it an Pythonproblem (2.2.3) or is the problem by installing multiple Blender (2.14 ,2.23,2.25,2.26 & 2.27 [for some Pythonscripts][if it use the same configuration-file]) ?????
I don't know ....

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Post by dickie »

i had the same problem running 2.27 under Windows in FS mode.
blender told me i didn't have enough free space, though i had
4 GB free.

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