Blender bug reports from ubuntu linux package

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Blender bug reports from ubuntu linux package

Post by gomyhr »

At the ubuntu bug tracker we occasionally get bugs reported against Blender. Of course some of them are really graphics driver bugs or packaging bugs, but some of them seem to be potentially genuine Blender bugs. We would like let you know about those bugs and report them to your bug tracker. Is there any specific information you need included in the bug report or any test procedure you require? Ubuntu 9.10 will have Blender 2.49a included. Is it okay to report bugs for this still? (9.10 is in feature freeze before the release, so no new versions is accepted at this time)

A candidate bug report would be [1]. That one is a crash where a stack trace has been automatically generated. Does it have all the information you need to analyze it?

Note: The current package version in Ubuntu is 2.49a+dfsg-0ubuntu2. 2.49a is of course the version of the release, +dfsg stands for Debian Free Software Guidelines, which probably only means that the non-blender part of the source has been stripped out (it is provided in other packages), the first 0 means that this is not based on a Debian package (1 and up is the Debian package version it is based on) and ubuntu2 means that this is ubuntu version 2. Any bug fixes would increase this last number.

[1]: ... bug/446632

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Post by jesterKing »

Bug reports should be reported at our bug tracker: ... unc=browse

The info from the report in launchpad looks pretty complete. Also a step-by-step description of how to trigger the bug should be attached, and always for the simplest possible scene, preferrably default scene from startup.

That said, our main development effort has shifted to Blender 2.5. Most, if not all developers are now working on that, so it may very well be that bug reports for 2.4x won't get any attention anymore (not anytime soon, anyway).


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