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Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2003 9:56 pm
by shadow
hi there,

I have a small problem.:oops: I have created big scene, not many objects, but it's large, and I want to have some sort of sunlight with shadows. I know that the spot is the only lamp that casts shadows. But when I use it, the shadows are not paralel to each other. The shadow angle depends on object position against the lightsource. How then make all shadows paralel :?:

any ideas or links to the tuts?


Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2003 12:07 pm
by neil
You can try just making the spot very far away so that there is only a small angle (which of course is what the sun is except so far that it is near enough infinite!) - you would have to make sure that the clip start and clip end values were high enough that it made shadows at that distance.


Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2003 2:01 pm
by shadow
yes, I know that, but then shadows are poor quality, and blured, even if I set shadow buffer to max value, and soft and bias to minimum. It is a little bit getting me mad :(

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2003 3:10 pm
by S68
You might try to read the Documentation... ... file=index

In the Lighting chapter, at the end, some tips on having sun & sghadows ;)


Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2003 4:09 pm
by ideasman
You could use a grid of spotlights, use dupliverts to create it, and make sure that the lights are close enough so the light is spread evenly.

I have that it works well using the grid just to cast shadows and one light to light the seen (no shadows)

This works well because the energy of the shadow lights can be adjusted seperately from the light.