Why hasn't anyone implemented BACKFACE VERT HIDING?

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Why hasn't anyone implemented BACKFACE VERT HIDING?

Post by dickie »

it would be so much easier to work in blender if, when in solid mode,
one only saw vertices in the positive Z, like in wings, lightwave, max, etc.

my suggestions:
->hide backface verts button/hotkey
->select only frontface verts button/hotkey

wouldn't this be awesome?


ps, i'm not ignorant of all the kick ass features that have been added...
just curious why this has been overlooked.

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Post by thorax »

You mean the same as in 'f' face mode, but something that
you can edit when in edit mode..

Yes this would be very useful, what I have to do is rotate the
object slightly so that I can see what is on my side and what
is on the opposite side..

Boy we need that feature request categorization system right now,
I'll work on it today.. And see if I can get something up..

Feel like I'm biting off mor ethan I can chew..

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Post by soletread »

This would be an absolute AMAZING improvement if implimented. !!

Try and assign a handful of verteses to a deformation group on a non symetrical mesh. Even on a fairly simple mesh with not too many faces.

Pleeeeeze Pleeeeeze.


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Post by ton »

And SO simple to do! :)

Posting it here is the best advertisement i think... tomorrow I will post more on the ideas how we can slowly start with a functionality board. That would give a good platform as well.

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