Can a Paper model add on be created for Blender

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Can a Paper model add on be created for Blender

Post by chibitactician »

Blender is a really cool program. I think it may be awesome if a paper model creator part was also in it. It would great if it can:
1. Turn a polygon into a net or part of a net (based on the space available on a printer page) with flaps for glueing
2. Alter the amout of parts that need to be glued together to make it easier or harder to build
3. have the ability to change the actuall size of the paper model once it is made.

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Post by stiv »

Google is your friend.

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Pepakura Designer

Post by CG_Tiger »

You can try Pepakura Designer

There is a script that does the same thing. Have a look at script section in Blender Artist forum. Although, not to the same level as Pepakura.

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