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Epix Scene
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Blender For Dummies . . .

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Ok So I Just Started Using Blender And I Was On Blender For Dummies Home Page. When I Went To Download chapter one's file , I Realized i Dont Know Which Program To Open blender With. I Used:
-Windows movie maker

alot of programs. i have windows 7 home premium. plz help , how do i view the download?

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Post by stiv »

It is not clear exactly what you are trying to open. If it is a .pdf file, use a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat. If it is a .blend, which is Blender's native format, use Blender.

If you are talking about opening Blender itself, Blender is an application you run. You need to download it from and install it.

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Post by TheSnowman »

Blender for Dummies is actually a book you can pick up from any of the larger book stores. I think the files you are looking at, on that website, are files that would come with the supplied dvd in the book. My guess would be the files are actually to augment the book and not designed to be stand alone lessons.

In any case, I downloaded the chapter 1 that you asked about and you do need to have Blender installed to open it.

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