Automatic Rigging Tool or NPR

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Automatic Rigging Tool or NPR

Post by wallace_000 »

Hi just I am currently finishing a master in Computer Animation and Effects and looking for a topic for my master project. Because I have to invest time (10 weeks) into something I wanted to ask whether there are any interesting things I could implement for you guys.

My initial idea is/was to create an automatic Rigging system similar to the one in Softimage. Which works as following:
You set the most importang joints, like elbow, wrist etc. and then check/uncheck what features you want (bend, stretch squash, IK/FK) and press the make button and the rig is done. The other topic I was interested in is creating a library for some advanced non-photorealistic shaders.

Ok because I am a newbiee to blender I have no idea whether there is already anything like that on the web or in blender. So if you thing that this might be of interest, just post here or get in touch with me.

I am as well open for any other suggestions in the area of Rigging, Animation, or Shading, Image Processing. The only limitation from my point is that the implementation time I have is no more than seven weeks, the other time I will need to start working with Blender or to write my report.

I should probably mention what knowledge I have:
Well I am familiar with C++, several shader languages, object oriented design and started to learn python not long ago, from the application side I have good knowledge of maya and softimage as well an intermediate level of houdini and nuke (compositing)

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Post by LetterRip »


there are a couple of autorigging tools for Blender already (five of them actually, one that was done as a Masters project already), there is also a well integrated NPR rendering engine (Freestyle) that is almost ready for release.

Some things you might consider are

1) Retopology tools

There is one cool and quick retopology tool that someone just did as a personal project, but there are a number of other useful retopology tools that are in 3D Coat and topogun that would be nice to have.

2) Mesh tools

Helping finish the work of BMesh mesh editing would be really useful

3) Tools related to motion capture

better editing tools for motion capture

see this link (you need to sign up at the site for free first) ... ocomotion/

4) Tools for working with painting a huge amounts of texture data - this would likely involve integrating GEGL imagebuffer

other possibilities relating to texturing would be integrating brush librarys such as the mypaint brushlib or the brush system from krita

I can offer other ideas as well,

email me at LetterRip AT gmail DOT com

Tom M.

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