If people could install it, I'm certain more would give back

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If people could install it, I'm certain more would give back

Post by WinterWolf »

Seriously, this is close to impossible tog et installed by a normal user. I can't even install it! There should be an easy way toinstall it, RPM for example.

If someone can help me (I'm running SuSE 8.1) than I would appreciate it. :)

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Post by VelikM »

Down load the publisher file (for linux ftp://ftp.cs.umn.edu/pub/blender.org/Na ... 386.tar.gz ) and untar the file (tar -xzfv 'blender-publisher-2.25-linux*'), in the terminal window cd to the new blender dir(where the blenderpublisher exe is),type './blenderpublisher' blender should start :wink:

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Post by darklynx »

If installing Blender Publisher is difficult why don´t we make an installation wizzard or something that would make things easier?We have the source code now,we can do everything :)

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Post by Jamesk »

Once upon a time there was this installer thingy for windows anyway - everything included in a selfextracting exe. A real no-brainer, but perhaps it made someone happy! =)

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Post by ton »

We're working on that. The people who've managed to get Blender compiling at their system have been contacted to give us feedback, and help us to make a much more friendly source release.

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