New Interface Woes

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New Interface Woes

Post by tsgfilmwerks »

Is there a way to compact things like materials & mesh controls into only a few panels, like the earlier (and frankly better) interface? It's annoying how things are so inefficiently stretched out (where once 10 different controls would fit into a single square, now they literally span beyond the whole screen).

PS: To those who initially thought blender's interface wasn't similar enough to other 3d graphics programs for you, thanks for ruining it for everyone else.

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Post by GreenSnake750 »

i agree with you after the initial learning curve the old blender's interface was actually very intuitive, i really liked it who the f*** cares if blender looks like other programs? Blender is blender and maya is maya and 3dsmax is 3dsmax, we should not be trying to copy them but stay unique!
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Post by Phaser Rave »

Yes, change it back!

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