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Dizil Studios
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I have made a couple video tutorials. But you have to be okay with video tutorials when you watch them. Just in case anyone wants to here are the links (This is modeling a really simple character) ... re=related (This is rigging the really simple character)

And i have a couple others on my channel.
Don't worry I won't be offended if you don't watch them just thought they may help for those who like vid tut's more.

Also these tutorials require no prior blender knowledge.

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Post by scooterlover28 »

Thanks to Dylan for the links to the beginner vid tutorials. Also, great links to the non-video stuff. Really appreciate everyone's input. Simplifies my learning curve immensely.

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Hi guys. I'm a newbie here and it's nice to be part of this forum.

looking for tips and tutorials to improve a site

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