What would you like to see Blender feature by 3.0?

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Post by Mango »

Muscle System?


Not overly neccesary but still would be nice...

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Post by KittenKoder »

Wind .....

Not just the simple tunnel wind, but actual wind that can interact with the scene. This I know would be tough, but it would be nice to just throw in a few variables and a source direction then produce a storm.

Which brings me to the one I would use if you had wind ... a mode detailed soft body system. For being able to set parts of models softer than others, or have breakable glass in a frame that isn't based on particle math.

Daunting these are, but they are features I would find many many uses for. ;)

PS: I'm lazy so setting every detail up sometimes annoys me.

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Post by wsuarez »

mikethedj4 wrote:What would be nice is the Blender Developers teaming up with the Gimp developers, and having some kind of 3D editor built into The Gimp like PhotoShop has, but that's not really help with Blender.

I would like to findout some way to make ice smooth, and soft curves like they have in 3D's Max. I know about setting it smooth, and flat with the tools shelf in Blender 2.5, as well as the subdivide modifier, but I still can't get the effect I want, especially making cuts.

Example of what I'm talking about (This is actually my first creation in Blender)

This is cool!!! Great effects. I am excited to proceed and be a pro in this.

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