DVD course material, who?!

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DVD course material, who?!

Post by ton »

I know a couple of experiments have been done in the past, with videos or online downloadable Blender course material. I've noticed that at the Maya site they offer loads of DVD courses, sometimes costing over 100 USD a copy.

Blender really should benefit from it. Seeing someone working with the program is *so* convincing...

I would prefer DVD for quality and efficient business reasons... you can charge a good amount for it, and probably people can't afford to download 1 GB.
Downloadable is possible too... that would reduce production costs.

Main questions are "who" and "how"... is there anyone out there with some facilities, a good voice-over, and the ability to make interesting courses?
See it as a joint business project, the BF could invest in printing the DVD(s) and resell it for you via our e-shop.

I'd prefer not evaluating samples personally, but you should put that online and announce it here. Potential consumers are here, and are the best to give it an evaluation!

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Post by Timothy »

David Weese used to sell blender training videos on

Site changed since I last looked at it, and they don't seem to be selling them anymore.
But who knows he may be able to give some tips!


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Post by theeth »

Blengine did some video tutorials too http://www.zerooneentertainment.org/blengine/

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Post by Hos »

If you want some good free examples from other
packages, check out the VTM's (video training
manuals) at http://www.3dbuzz.com ... I have
been going through some of the Motion Builder
tutorials and they are really nice.


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Post by thorax »


Is a snippet of some 6 gigs of tutorials I've already done,
but am planning to have another go through to
determine what can be done to make them better..

I am in the middle of completing a tutorial for a program
for the CDC called "Breakthrough."

So I'm in the midst of a commercial project and
no how to handle the whole process of development
tutorial disks, on CD's, but I'm sure its the same for the DVD's..


If I could get 100 dollars per copy that would be great..
Tens of hours could be stored on a DVD..

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Post by TorQ »

I have been working on a Blender video series for some time now. In it I cover basic Blender and 3D while creating a character. I was hoping to have a preview version of it done for Siggraph but it doesn't look like its going to happen. As it stands I have around 1.5 hours of tutorial finished and about 70 percent of the character done. I only have to finish the intro segment and do the head modeling portion to finish, unfortunatly these are the two most difficult parts. Once finished with the modeling video I would like to continue the project with a texturing, rigging, and animation videos as well. I haven't decided how I want to destribute the video or how, much if any, I would charge for it. I would definetly like this to be part of my contribution to the community so I would probably make it available cheap and/or through Blender e-store. I hope to complete the first revision in the next couple of weeks so that it may be reviewed for any changes before final release.


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Post by thorax »

I've always run up against the problem of building accurate bodies
and I think what the professionals do is buy the models and change them. So you might find someone who makes good bodies and do a tutorial on body modifications..

I'm thinking my strength is more in working with the objects than making them myself, although I can get caught up for days involved in modelling stuff..

Because of the Subdivision surfaces its been made easier to model
stuff and I think if people know how to use a polygon the rest is
just a matter of understanding purportions, like what they teach in drawing human figures. I personally, though, would love some
tutorials on designing hands, ears, eyes, bodily purportions.. I think what
Ton was talking more about was exemplifying the quickness of modelling and the ease, so that people can see the advantages of using blender.

I think part of Hash Animation Masters success is they have this guy hopped up caffiene at every SIGGRAPH who does tutorials in less than ten minutes.. I've seen in Alias/Wavefront tutorials the tutorial
artists will premake stuff like cooking-show host does to speed up the show, so that what you get is something tailored to look good.. I wonder if its more effective to show the errors that can occur as well.. I do this in
my tutorials because I hate the perception that we all are like perfect and can do everythign without error, which is further from the case, especially at conventions when the perfect application will breakdown onstage..

Blender tends not to crash as much as most programs and even when it does, its not as much of a problem because there are temporary files..
A tutorials discussing ways of accounting for problems would also help..
The weakness of other programs is the tendency to store stuff in filesystems than in single files, this would also be something good to stress in tutorials.. Maybe I can make one on scene consolidation.

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