I'm updating my website

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I'm updating my website

Post by IngieBee »

Well, I've started to lay the groundwork for the new organization of my website. I have different sections for my interests, the largest of course is dedicated to Blender.

Also, I have Justin having a go at making a “create your own tutorial” program for the site. If it works, anyone will be able to use his form submittal thingy, LOL, to create a tutorial on any subject that will then be hosted at IngieBee’s.

Love Ingie

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Post by cessen »

Great! I'm looking forward to seeing the new site, Ingie. Make sure to let us know when it's done! :-D

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Post by IngieBee »

Well, unfortunately, I'll be putting in overtime at work the next two weeks. I had to give up on Siggraph or leave my boss in a tough spot. He's a really great guy, so I decided to help him out (he already approved my leave for siggraph, so I could have abandoned him, hee hee hee) Oh well, next year, it's here in my city. I can wait till then, though I feel bad not being there to support Blender.

So I hope to slowly get neat stuff up on my website, but it’ll be slow going again, little spurts, hee hee hee.

Have fun at Siggraph to all that are going!! My heart is with you!!

Love Ingie

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Post by Money_YaY! »

but there will be no blender in a year, , Yeah Ton Will have gone to the insane eyslium after he starts to branch out and tries his hand and blending gormet food into 3d master pieces with HDRI and finds out this to has no undo button. :D


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Post by thorax »

This spawned an idea..

As for what Money_yay has to say..

The CVS is the undo button.. Without it, what you say would happen..
It also allows for parallel developements to exist, that might drive
Ton crazy, but what makes it into blender's binary distributions is the
parts of the CVS tree that make sense as a release.

Revision control systems allow programmers to go back in time to before when a change was made to the source, so we could in affect
take source code developed today and mix it with source code
developed 7 months ago without using anything (except for the source code our current changes are based on) in between.. That's the
advantage of the CVS, its only stores the differences (or deltas) of
changes to the source code tree, it also stores which files were deleted
and which were added, but probably won't store what was renamed..
And warns when source deltas overlap.. At least I'm pretty sure what CVS does, or should do..

I know I have no sense of humor.. I figure the CVS
will go off in all directions.. Would be nice to think about
the architecture of the source but I figured from all the mad hackers this
is going to be impossible.. But I can still dream of a more organized
source code design, maybe in a parallel CVS universe..

I still think that a lack of organization in the source
and particular the use of C will make the sources large and
cumbersome to deal with.. The users can't see this because they
are looking at the external functionality of the program, its the internal
functionality that determines if features can be added, and that
will ultimately determine how long features take to get added..

But thinking about the design will not affect its codability nor the
freedom of the programmer, it will just give them something to think about when they are out of ideas.. That's why I suggest all these ideas..
Ideas are kind of like the HDRI global illumination for solutions,
the more, the more sharpened and realistic the solutions are..

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