Siggraph sunday 27th

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Siggraph sunday 27th

Post by ton »

Hi all!

Just dropped in this morning to shoot & post a couple of uninteresting pics:

At least evidence I'm actually here. :)

Spent most of the morning to get this old lapper to work to with the wifi network here. Also met my old sig buddie Bassam again.
While typing this, I asked someone to take a pic:

Now going to my 100+ mails inbox... catch ya laters!


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Post by sten »

Lovely Ton !!

Good luck in San Diego !! :)

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Post by Money_YaY! »

Loafers! :D

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Post by thorax »

That's SIGGRAPH alrighty..

Looks like a Sunday at SIGGRAPH, I suppose the expo will
start tommorow or Tuesday..

Cool thing it looks like you are teaching some classes or
doing some seminars.

Java gaming, aw is that possible? I guess with Cellphone
maybe.. It was big a couple of years ago..

They should have just renamed the
"Future of SIGGRAPH : " "Blender"


Well you look like you are suffering from jetlag in the photo..
Its been a long trip, relax.. SIGGRAPH tends to be a holiday
once the wifi network connections start failing.. Especially in San Diego,
dig the sun and beaches..

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Post by cessen »

Hi Ton!

I am now feeling the first real pangs of regret for not being there (not that I actually had a choice, mind you). Wish I could be there. If Bassam doesn't read this, tell him hi for me! :-)

And good luck with the BOF meetings! I look forward to hearing about them! :-)

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Post by beatabix »

Anyone ever seen that apple powerbook advert -> big guy with small laptop, small guy with big laptop?

just reminded of that :)


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Post by iluvblender »

beatabix wrote:Anyone ever seen that apple powerbook advert -> big guy with small laptop, small guy with big laptop?

just reminded of that :)

good point there...


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Post by mhenley »

I can attest that Ton is indeed at Siggraph and it also was a long flight. I noticed a rather tall, rather familiar guy sitting two rows in fron of me on the plane from Amsterdam. My suspicians were confirmed by the sgi teeshirt.

Unfortunately, I was on my way back home to Houston and not to Siggraph. Have fun! Wish I was there.


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Post by hpygocrazy »

Sweet, Ton your in San Diego. Too bad it rained today, well at least where I live in Northern San Diego.

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Post by dreamerv3 »

Hey all, just popping in here to say the first BOF went great, there were like 35-40 people and after the formalish meet and greet there was a brief recap of the last year and then it was off to the bar where the conversation got really interesting.

I know there were pictures being taken on a Digicam don't know when they'll be up though.

I never knew exactly how blender was developed but the story was very different from my internal idea.

I can't wait till the 31st I'm gonna be ready with the latest source files (downloading now on the wifi) and will try to get a map of what functionality lies in which source file and write up an index of sorts.

It might help.

p.s. Hey Ton, don't know if you made it back or not but the chapters party didn't heat up till like 11:00pm (too bad it had to end @ 2:00am) that floor was hoppin!
I'm still a little sleepy from the night before....

The expo floor just opened, gotta go...

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