Student looking for a Collaborative Project!

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Student looking for a Collaborative Project!

Post by BrokenGhost »

Hello, My name is Neil, and I have been using blender for a few months. I was particularly attracted to blender because of my dream to work in the 3d industry. I have gotten pretty cofortable with general modeling, but there is so much i still want/need to learn.

THE IDEA is to start/join a project to help myself and others practice their skills while also getting some recognition for our work. I believe this would be a better learning experience then a couple of noobies straggling behind a force of experienced professionals. If we could arrange a group of dedicated people, ranging from people new to 3D to seasoned professionals, then it would be a great experience for everyone.

This being said, if creating a project would not be feasible, then joining a project would be just as beneficial.

Interesting Projects Include:

-Creating a short animated film
-A collaborative "Cart-racing" Game
-A platforming game
-Assisting a feature film
-Creating a comercial
-Physics Based Game

These are just a few of the interesting plans. Your input is accepted!

The one problem I do have with this idea is the fact that I am still a student, and many interactions would have to take place online. But this is also beneficial because the project can include people from all over the country or even the world! Arrangements would be made to have an online file-share or drop-box for the exchange of work and resources. Their would also be a form of communication through messaging, Chat-room, Video-chat, or even Facebook to allow communication through the length of the project.

I am seriously hoping that this project works, I am extremely enthusiastic about working in the 3D industry, and I hope that i can find people who are willing to work hard on a fun project from which we can all learn.


I am open to any suggestion, even if you are offering work on your own project. This thread will be a resource for all people looking for a learning experience and veterans looking to help the novices. Together I believe we will create something great!

BrokenGhost :)
Im broke and always looking for projects to help!

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Post by joeri »

Maybe is something for you.

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Possible opening

Post by MediaMonkey »

Hello BrokenGhost,

I might have an opening for you on a project that I and a small team of 4-5 others are going to be working on. This is a non-paid hobby project, but I think you will learn a whole lot while on this project. Please contact me at [url][/url] for more details.


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