Siggraph, pictures

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Siggraph, pictures

Post by ton »

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Post by S68 »

Cool :)


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Post by @ndy »

Yay, cool photos! i wish i was there... well, maybe next year.
i'm also happy to see Lee [aka LohnC] there, you lucky bastard! ;) :P


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Post by theeth »

cool pics, nice to see some faces. (Lee you lucky bastard! :wink: )

Just wanted to point out that the link to Tatsuya's pic is and not the one Ton supplied (but I guess everyone figured that already eh).

Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans.
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Post by sten »


thanks for the pics for us that cant be there...

keep up the good stuff!!

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Post by Money_YaY! »

WoW ! Look at all of the nerds ! :o :D :lol: :P I'm kidding.

But wow neat blender has a party room , 3d fight ! bring a road show to Maine. I can give ya a free Lobster :D

Post some audio if ya could

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Post by Saluk »

Looks like you all had a blast! Nice to see some more pics of all the blenderites together kicking it back, away from using their precious 3d software for a bit to, well, TALK, about their precious 3d software:)

Rest of the show looks alright as well.


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Post by thorax »

Three cheers for highres digital photos!!

BTW Tatsuya is
Right? Unless I'm stereotyping him, his name is probably "O'toole"..
For the first few seconds on my modem while downloading the image I was thinking he was chopping off his nose with scissors, but I could see it was a blurred glass.

SIGGRAPH should be more like E3, make every booth like a videogame, and make it challenging and fun. Then only let people over 16 in..
And when the people come they can play videogames for hours and really be marketed to heck by the games.. It would be less painful than having to talk to a sales person for 20 minutes, and probably more informative.. Not to say that sales people can't be informative, I've
had some using the clever-engineer-sucks-your-brain-out-tactics
at seminars through the harmless sales guys..

"Oh your technology was proprietary, I'm sorry but I just sucked all your secrets out of the sales guy. I guess its not proprietary anymore. Hee! "

Pretty soon they will stop sending sales people to conferences and the conference will be filled with well designed kiosks.. More buyer friendly! Kidding.. Videogame machines!! Yay!!
Um you should have gone in there and threw some chains and sacks of flour on everyone and it would have been great for the 25th aniversary Apple special to revisit the "1984 - Big Brother" commercial, Mac users enchained to apple, Big Bunny Watching over you.. Now where is that sledge hammer??
Now that's the way you do it, don't chain in the people!! Hey if I want to go over and get some pizza and come back and sit down, I should be able to.. Sorry SIGGRAPH booths tend to subscribe to this method I call the "proprietary parking lot" syndrome, basically, you can't leave, you can't go into anyone else's booth, you are here now, suffer. ( I have the right to keep you here for 30 minutes, I mean you really want that rubber ball that blinks and makes noise, dontchya? )
Hey Kiosks!! And NVidia has security cameras looking over all of it to make sure nobody is picking their nose.. Okay you in the plaid skirt and dreads, get out of here we don't need you in our clique, Oh I'm sorry you are involved in telepresence research at MIT, I'm sorry.. (So that's how they get all that great graphics hardware!!)..
Yeah, it worked.. All I did is like videotaped my handwriting and they
fell for it.. Its all computer generated, but I ran it through a compositor, a blur routine, it moves, and recorded it to DIVX format, I mean legally it passes for animation, effects and encoding.. Now if the boss at Discreet doesn't find out, I've still got a job..
I think NewTek stole our Motto..
Imagine this, a logo, not Alias/Wavefront anymore, just Alias..
And this neato logo.. Now Say after me, O waaat tay guuu siamm..
Isn't it beginning to look so much better now? (whispers: now time to get them suckered into some more Maya licenses.. Get gilbert Goffreeed on the phone, I figure all we need now is a duck saying something that sounds like aflack.. )
See, we wanted this big blue booth.. Something a little like
80s IBMish, yeah something like tech camoflage.. Now only if we hd some of those blue guys, it would complete the picture and some cans of blue and red paint, it would be more exciting.. Oh I know, we don't really have to do anything, just say "we're inovative".. I know, I know, market delayed technology is not immediately appealing, but it will be mark my word.. Just who do you runs the show around here.. Apple?
Yes and it slices and dices and get rid of those salesmen and annoying wannabe animators at your doorstep.. (some geek looks over) Umm mister my friends from BMRT were just here a second ago, could you tell me where they said they were going..(pixar) BMRT? Who is that, never heard of them.. (guy) Oh but isn't that their source code over there.. (pixar) what? You mean this.. (pixar) Oh that's ours.. Hey I could take out to dinner and discuss it.. (guy) no really I'm sorry.. I'm sure they will pop up somewhere else, maybe at the NVidia booth..

Ton if you can take two photos side by side space seperated
by three inches, people laugh when I do this but I have made a huge library of 3D photos this way.. Anyhow, don't aim on anything, keep the shots parallel, just take two pictures.. I can make some anaglyphs out of them..


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Post by matt_e »

Can we have some names to the faces, please? :)

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Post by cessen »

For pictures 103 through 120: yay!

For pictures 123 through 133: (imagine this being said in a tired, just-woke-up kind of voice) ...I hate marketing...

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Post by ton »

Update pics:

Made thursday:
Joe Hacobian, (Dreamerv3), who gets really talkative after 1 beer. :)

Saturday, Joshua Tree park: (large)

Reports & pics from the thursday BOF were promised by both Bassam and Dreamerv3... come on!

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Post by xype »

cool pics! :)

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Post by Money_YaY! »

are those some super new render features !

No.. but nice park .

sober up and get back to your home , so more work can be done
^v^ :D

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Post by dreamerv3 »

Depends on the beer but my ideas need explanation, hence talkative.
I shoulda deleted that one pic!

Thanks Ton, I can always count on you! 8)

Anyways, I just got back from Siggraph (Every hour in the air for you is a day on the ground for me)

And I'm pooped, I'll look over the meeting notes and organize the info you presented into a cohesive doc, expect that sometime next week.


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Post by IoN_PuLse »

I'd love to have gone, maybe I will go to one one day, and get to meet ton!! I guess I'll have to convince the computer game company I'll be working for to send me :D

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