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Sweeeet! took me long enough to find these should have told me it was in the "News & Chat" THREAD in's FORUM!!!! :evil: ...I was looking all over's and Elysiun's news sections like an idiot for something labeled Siggraph this and"well...heres the news chat though...he did say news AND chat...hmmm" Anyways great pics! Its good to see you guys drinking some beers together and having some fun. I truly wish that I could have been there. Thanks again man....I wil have to make a folder on my hard drive for em'. Also...dreamerv3...dont worry about it man...I have been known to start talking a little when I drink too...its just that I usually start talking 3D to people who dont even own I realise that everyone is looking at me going > :roll: ...and thinking "what in the hell is a vertice...OHHHH...Blender...I own two Blenders!! One I just use for making smoothies and the other..."



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Nice pics.

Lee, you lucky SOB!!

Maybe I can go next year. We'll see...

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I just found these pics. Thanks for posting them, Ton. SIGGRAPH was a blast. Now to get back to trying to do something cool in Blender to show off to the world (meeting everyone there was quite inspiring!).

BTW, I'm Groo, the guy in this picture:

Hopefully my QuickTake that I did this year will be expanded to a full paper next year.

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