Trying to learn how to make terrain?

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Trying to learn how to make terrain?

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How or what way would be the best way to make terrain with blender

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Lots of visual effects are best described as mash-ups of several simpler effects ... which is a fairly-perfect application of Blender "nodes."
  • The basic "surface" might be a plane that has suitably been pushed around using the proportional editing tool.
  • The appearance of that surface might be "made interesting" by (for example...) noise-textures applied to various attributes such as color and normal.
  • Real image-maps taken from stock photos can be mapped to the surface ... and stylized in any number of ways.
In short, it really is a matter of your imagination, your creativity, and your timetable. 8)

Balance all of the above with the thought, "what is good enough, for this project, at this time?" Remember that Star Wars Episode One actually shipped to theaters with a crowd-scene shot that actually consisted of painted Q-tips cotton swabs. No one (including yours truly) was any the wiser until a "Making Of..." book actually pointed-out the trick. (The shot has since been replaced.) Plan on doing just enough to "sell the shot."

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