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blender slows down with certain programs

Posted: Tue Aug 05, 2003 11:04 pm
by koob
Don't know if anyone else has noticed this. If I've got Kazaa on, for example, it slows down like nobodies business. Any ideas why that might be? CPU and memory usage are still quite low.

just curious really, obviously i can solve this by not running these other programs at the same time - just wondering if anyone has a simple solution/explanation..

Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2003 12:42 am
by Money_YaY!
Yes silly foo. Use KAzaaLite.

Or don't use anything at all. Cep eDonkey.


Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2003 5:40 am
by IoN_PuLse
Kazaa is evil. Please go to and clean your system up immediatly.

Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2003 9:04 pm
by nyoxi
:D excuse me, but this is realy very funny :D

Kaza is overflowed with spyware. Don't use it, or you cannot be realy safe at any time.

Posted: Thu Aug 07, 2003 12:25 am
by Money_YaY!
But KAazaaliteee is clean and happy and full of other features.

^v^ I never said a thing

Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2003 12:05 am
by koob
Ah. As I feared!

Thanks for the tips!